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    TransferMate Partnership

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    Tradeshift is partnering with TransferMate Global Payments, a company that is helping businesses reduce bank fees and increase transparency for both sellers and buyers.

    Please find below what TransferMate offers and what this new partnership with Tradeshift consists of.

    What is the TransferMate service?

    TransferMate provides a smarter way of sending and receiving business payments internationally.

    1. It is available in 134 different currencies.
    2. A cross payment will be executed on the same day.
    3. No transfer or Wire fees*

    *Note: A $/£/€5 fee will apply on corporate transfers under $/£/€5000. No fees will apply on transfers over this amount.

    Who is eligible for this service?

    Any company that is doing cross border and cross currency business.

    How does it work?

    The TransferMate team will guide you to your first payment, following the below steps:

    • Create your account on TransferMate.
    • You can book a payment, or instruct your payer on how to pay you on your new TransferMate account.
    • Send/Receive money on the TransferMate account in your country.
    • Move the money from/to your bank account.

    If you have any questions or would like to learn more about TransferMate and Tradeshift, you can get in touch at

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