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    Babelway app overview

    1453 0 Created on 2020-05-21 10:24:51; Last updated on 2023-03-22 12:54:47

    This article provides an overview of the Babelway app, including information on how to activate the app, how to access it, and how to access useful knowledge about its features and functionalities. 

    What is the Babelway app?

    The Babelway app is a self-service tool, which helps you connect to any system, in order to send and receive documents in any format your systems require and get full visibility and control over your integrations. It hosts a range of protocols, gateways and connectors, which you use for optimized integrations. 

    Activating the integration app

    To activate the Babelway app, visit the App Store app. Details on activating an app via de App Store app are available here.

    Note that the version you activate is the free plan version which allows you to use all published connectors, and you can build and test channels. However you will not be able to activate any of your channels as this requires an upgrade in your subscription. Use the free version to get accustomed to the features and functionalities. For the paid plan, contact your client executive representative.

    Once the Babelway app is activated, expand the left-hand app launcher and select the app icon to open it. 

    First contact with the Babelway integration app

    When you open the app for the first time, there are two options on the screen displayed: 

    • Build new - build new channels and connectors. To learn how you create a new channel, visit this page.
    • Create a demo channel -  the app is populated with demo data, and you can get accustomed to its features and functionalities. 

    Useful tip

    When you use the app and you need detailed descriptions of the features and of how they work, drop down the Support menu at the top right of the app, and then select the Help Center option. Visit the Babelway help center and read the detailed app user guide.

    Babelway app features and functionalities

    The Babelway app features are available in two distinct sections:

    • Monitor. This section of the application contains all the tools and information that allow you to follow and manage the messages processed by the system, once the rules for how to handle the messages have been setup. To learn about the monitoring section, visit this page.
    • Manage and build. This section enables you to create and manage the following:
      • Connectors. A connector behaves like a predefined integration template, which you fill in with relevant information, to support your integration scenario. Consider it a simplified UI layer, over one or a series of channels.
      • Channels, detailed here.
      • Components 
        • Gateways, detailed here.
        • Message definitions, detailed here.
        • Transformations, detailed here.
        • Partners, detailed here.
        • Lookup tables, detailed here.
        • Notifications, detailed here.
        • Routings, detailed here.
        • Test cases, detailed here.

      • Certificates, detailed here.

    Useful tip: The video courses available in Tradeshift University help you use the Babelway app efficiently. To take them, visit the Tradeshift University app, here.

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