If you have notifications turned on, you may have already or will receive an email similar to this:

Simply accept the connection request by:
1. Clicking on the green “Accept” button
2. Logging into your existing Tradeshift account (Note: If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot your password” link below the password field). You can read more about resetting your password here.

3. Clicking accept from the Task List inside your Tradeshift platform account:

4. You are now connected to this new entity!

Note: If you have notification emails switched off, you can simply Log into Tradeshift, navigate to the Task list to follow step 3) above. The Task list is available in your Tradeshift menu on the platform here:

You can also read more about notification settings here.

For further information, you can navigate to your Customer's and Tradeshift's Support pages via the Support app. This gives you access to a comprehensive suite of documentation and knowledge base articles to assist your use of Tradeshift. You can find the Support icon in the Apps launcher.