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    This is an introduction to the free and paid for versions of Geosho's Cartobi applications for the Tradeshift invoicing platform.

    Geosho's Cartobi app allows you to view your tradeshift documents on a map. As you move around or zoom in the Cartobi app lets you know how much you have sold or procured in that specific view. This means that you can see where you are selling, or if you are on the full version where your suppliers are.

    Cartobi allows you to filter these views by client, product type, currency or date.

    Cartobi lets you share this analysis with others.

    Cartobi lets you create and manage additional data layers that might include information on competitors, office locations, assets anything that has an address. You can add these additional datasets via a CSV file or you can add them manually.

    Cartobi lets you create and modify sales or administrative areas or territories that will display the relevant totals for that region automatically.

    And if that view on your data is going to be useful, Cartobi lets you save it. Meaning next month or week you will be able to revisit that view and share it with your colleagues via PDF or as an image.

    All of this straight from your browser via the Tradeshift platform. Cartobi from Geosho delivers a new and convenient way to understand your business.

    For more info on Cartobi, visit Geosho's support forum here.

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