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    EasyTrade (NemHandel)

    1661 0 Created on 2016-10-14 23:21:31; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:00:47

    To send documents via EasyTrade, you have to activate the EasyTrade app. Once you have activated it, you will be able to select EasyTrade as a delivery method when you create or edit any manual contact.

    For an EasyTrade contact, you need to provide their EAN / GLN as well as their address. To add their address, go to their "Edit contact" ("Rediger kontakt") page, click on the "Add additional information" ("Tilføj yderligere information") link near the bottom, and then enter their address:

    Be sure to save your changes by clicking on the green button when you're done! 

    Invoices sent to this contact will then be automatically sent through the EasyTrade network, provided the receiver supports EasyTrade. If anything should go wrong, you will get an error message, so you will know what to correct in the document.

    Please note that EasyTrade only accepts the following formats for attachments: 

    • TIFF
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • GIF
    • PDF
    • XML

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